InternetCafe is an Open Source Software solution for managing Cybercafes! It is "totally free and open" and it is released under the GNU General Public License.

What we think...

We think that every Cybercafe has to provide a way to:

  • Register, manage and authenticate users (according with the World's anti-terror laws).
  • Log sessions and user's internet traffic.
  • Define a custom network of workstations (MAC, Linux, Windows and others).
  • Define a custom set of offered services.
  • Define a particular scheme of user's payment for a provided service.
  • Block client workstations or grant them a particular internet's service.
  • Grant all the services not only to a fixed workstations number but also to the "mobile community" (laptops and other devices).

InternetCafe is a FREE and an easy way, full customizable application that allows all that features! Try it now!

Why you really need it...

If a system is closed (for closed system we mean software of which the source code is not available and that it cannot self-certify only saying that sessions log is according to the laws...) it cannot supply the security that is really according to the laws and country standards where itself goes to place. In the great part of the World there is no government's authority that performs an accurate test on how a software is made and we think that a simple "logs export" IS NOT ENOUGH to say we are conform to country's laws! What it do with core data which user information's and something else? We that release free and open software are taken into account and in a good light of all the community.


Article 6 and 7 specify a new data retention regime.

DECRETO-LEGGE 27 luglio 2005, n.144

Misure urgenti per il contrasto del terrorismo internazionale.