Here is placed a not exaustive list of goals that InternetCafe project will try to realize. Some of those goals are reacheables only if You, Yes! You, will help us in every way, sponsoring, donating, submitting feedbacks or patches, signaling bugs, requesting new features, or doing everything you consider helpful for the project!

  • Easy and smart solution!

    That's why we are producing a lot of documentation and thinking about almost everything.

  • Provide the services 24/7!

    Yes because there are not only Cybercafes but also public's Internet access points.

  • Conform to the laws!

    That's why the project is OPEN and accessible from the entire community.

  • Totally multi-platform!

    That's why it is written in JAVA and that is why we have the idea of an application based on the methaphore "one click and work".

  • Easly customizable and adaptable to each application context!

    Yes because work with a friendly user interface makes the work more funny.

  • To be multi-language!

    Everyone in the World must understand the application in order to work better.

  • We want to release the World's most used Internet Access Management System!