This section will explain the InternetCafe's subproject structure. Follow the links placed below for a detailed description of each subproject. Note that each subproject has a leader so don't esistate to contact him to find job opportunities or send feedbacks or just asking everything you need.

Read a short description of InternetCafe's network architecture.





Short Description

1Uncoupled user authentication (captive portal)UnassignedRealization of a captive portal for user redirection on the authentication service.
2Inventory ManagementUnassignedRealization of a subsystem that manages Cybercafe's scorts and user's orders.
3Exporting user's data in standard formatsAssignedRealization of user's data exporting in vCard format.
4Exporting core data in friendly formats (XML/XSLT)ClosedRealization of data exporting using XML and XSLT to satisfy Autorythies's requests.
5System Help and User DocumentationAssignedRealization of some final user's support facilities like help and documentation.
6Distributed backup systemAssignedRealization of InternetCafe's distributed backup support.
7Cybercafe's statistics reportsUnassignedRealization of InternetCafe's statistics support for Cybercafes's managers.
8InternetCafe's automatic updateUnassignedA facility to make InternetCafe automatically updatable.

Do you want to be a contributor?

If you are interested to help us, please, send an e-mail to the InternetCafe's project leader or to one of the subproject's assignees. For a complete list of envolved people follow this link.